Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Untitled Self Discovery Project.

This is just a little something that I am working on, I am trying to find this guy again. I want to be him again. So I figure I would write everything down and try to figure out where I lost that guy and became who I am. Tell me what you think.

I was told by my instructor that he knew that I was something special when on my first day in the kitchen I walked into his office and immediatly shouted, "Oh my gosh, you have Alice Waters autograph! HAVE YOU MET HER? Little did he know that on that day I walked into that kitchen excited to the point of boiling. I was also beside myself embarassed because I arrived in a sweatshirt and jeans to find my classmates all in their chef whites. I was told this was not a problem, it was however my first day, but when we broke for lunch I raced home and ran to change while yelling at my grandmother to fix me a sandwich. I came back in my perfectly white chef's coat feeling much better around my contemporaries, feeling like we where a whole unit now, our own little brigade. This was my first day, I was on my way to becoming a chef.

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Sadie said...

When you find that kid again tell him he owes me lunch.