Wednesday, January 21, 2009 all those who know me

I am sorry I am not around like I used to be. Life has found me very, very busy and the more the days go on the more I get behind on life. I am happy though for the most part. Work has its moments of pure joy and its moments where I still get overwhelmed but I really cannot see me doing anything else right now. I looked around the restarurant tonight and I thought to myself. You really are home aren't you? I will say that I have been pretty snappy as of late so maybe it is a good thing that I haven't done much. Sleep is a blessing when it comes, today I slept on my parents bed in a space a foot wide between abby and lucy almost laying in the morning wash. It must have been a sight! I can only imagine what it will be like when I am in a big restaurant someplace. After my little weekend with Katie in Athen I can say with a heavy heart that I am cutting PBR out of my life. It totally made me feel like I was walking backwards into a pool of something dastardly and possibly green (not in the good way) I can also say that I am not a huge fan of The Loft. Yeah, I said it. Maybe it is because I am not a fratty kind of guy in that fratty wear my baseball hat backwards kind of way. But I also wonder if this whole chef thing is going to make me a lush cause thats all I seem to do when I am not working. I might be going to see Joshua Radin on the 30th, if I can stomach 20 bucks for 45 minutes of him playing then leaving cause hes an opening act...decisions decisions...i found my new after work dinner spot in Clemson, the Palms Gas Station where I ususally spend the most of my money has sandwiches which are in fact really good for cold cuts and they dont taste frozen. anyway im cutting this off now so I can sleep some cause I have Algebra in the morning TEST TIME

peace and bacon,


Sadie said...

How can you not be a frat guy? You were the one to bitch all the time about how cool they are and how you love frat places and houses and would defend Ashley when me and Brandon bad mouthed them all to hell and called them stupid and I need to know the sudden change in heart!

Robby said...

my dear friend the frat that I was involved with listened to the greatful dead, wore tye-dye, and spent more time hiking and drinking than in class most days.

I am very much a fan of the fraternity system I am saying that stylistically I was not condusive to what was there.

It is an institution that has its high points, as well as low.