Tuesday, January 20, 2009

you wont burst my bubble

Yesterday we inaugurated our 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. A man that may not be the most experinced at the job but truth be told....who is? We will not know the legacy that he will leave because it has only been, one day? So why all the hostilities for a man who has not even had his first day at work? I am a firm believer in the power of keeping it on the positive side of life and hoping for the best. He has a tough job ahead of him. He now not only has all the pressues of having America behind him (two million in Washington D.C. plus countless others around our great nation...but he also has the rest of the world hoping for the best in this guy. So why dont we just put aside our differences and just let him do the job he was elected to do. America is in a really tough place right now and it is probably going to get worse before it gets better. We all know this. So why not try and support someone who is trying to help us out! I might not be the smartest man around but I feel like I can intelligently say that I support him no matter what. No matter the celebrity backing, how "trendy" he is, or even the color of his skin. Which in my opinion is something to celebrate! We are finally coming out of a history that has belittled people due to the color of their skin. Killed people because of the color of their skin. Skinned people, burned them, raped them, forced them to work their fingers to the bone, caused many Americans to have a lost of history. We sit around and talk about "im french, im scottish" our African American counterparts have no little to know idea where their families come from. The very steps that President Obama took his oath on was built by slave labor. If having a man who is even half black is not a step in the direction of something good in the world then I might as well settle all my debts and head to work in the restaurants of Europe. I voted for the man. I believe in him. He has given me pride in my country. When I watched the television today and I saw all those people just as teary eyed and happy as I was, I no longer felt alone. We are living in history my friends. Cant we try and see it through this to revive America to the country that we know it can be???!?!?

....I dont know maybe I am just...what is the word...disillusioned to the facts that are bigger than me and the realms of my understanding. Maybe I will be dissapointed. Maybe he will be the worst President that we have ever had. But if we are not behind him, he wont get much done anyway.

...the whole thing fills me with pride and sours my stomach at the same time.


Sadie said...

I didn't know anyone was giving him grief.

Fear and Rambling said...

Is supporting a president "no matter what" really an intelligent move? Surely you didn't mean that literally. I actually think he's been receiving smashing acceptance by people who didn't vote for him, and even Republican leaders have been mostly pleased with his cabinet choices. The Democrats have been the ones raising more of a fuss because of Obama's choice of Rick Warren and some more conservative cabinet members. I'm not sure what they expected him to do, he talked about reaching across the aisle and now that he's done so they start acting like babies who don't want to share.

It's great that you support him, but could you say the same sorts of things about Bush? He was also under immense amounts of pressure, and although I really disagree with tons of his choices, he was also in the hardest position in the land. Can we really be biased with whom we cut slack?

Ashley Marie said...

Dude, I'm with you! I'm excited to be standing on the forefront of some amazing change. Regardless if the change is good or bad, there will be some. Already has been some, as is obvious by his election!

My whole thing is that he just should be given credit for his accomplishment...not becuase he's black. Doesn't he deserve more respect than that? I bet he'd be pissed if he heard, "Congratulations for being a black president." I would be. AFter all, isn't he a human being...and simply An American Man?

Robby said...

I have to say I have not been in the cheering section for president bush and I know that his politics and mine are quite different, but I feel like he did what he thought was right and I support him in that aspect (im still glad hes gone thought)

Im not as miffed about the whole rick warren thing, my copy of the purpose driven life was well used and I have to say I would probably attend a sermon if I had the chance, he was however a big power that be in the prop 8 thing which is a whole other discussion, which to me is all based upon a single word.

as far as the whole issue of race, I dont think that I would be pissed to be called the first black president, that is quite an accomplishment, he broke through the final barrier...i say celebrate both

you have to remember that over here in my family land he is put down because he has a funny name and the fact that he is in fact black...race issues are still around and in my opinion it has been far too long coming. it is time for a celebration of the fact that we are a country where not everyone looks the same and it is time that our top powers show it. I agree that when you cut us we all bleed red, but still...I think it is the icing on the cake. I would have still been just as proud to have a white Obama as a black one.

Did you guys know that McCain has been advising Obama? Wonder what my family thinks of all of that???

Ashley Marie said...

ha, in the end EVERYONE will have advised obama! lmao...

but I digress... just thought it was funny. :)