Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 2009

First of all I would like to say Happy Fathers Day! To all those Fathers in the world.

I have seen the movie "The Proposal", and I have to say that it was truly one of the best "rom-coms" I have seen in quite sometime. It followed all of those typical plot lines, but you know what who really cares, I laughed at points, I got misty at points...

I am trying to keep my chin up about the C.O.A. thing, I am feeling down about it but I have been told by several people, I have no patience for anything that I want, which is true because truth be told I want to be up there as soon as I can. I really have nothing else on my mind. I have been praying and sending out the good vibes so lets hope some of the positive energy will come back to me.

I ripped down all of my old, old, old fashion photos off my wall and have began putting up pictures of people like Wendell Berry and maps of Maine, as well as inspirational quotesto help remind me I am following my bliss.

I was thinking the other day that no one should be supprised that it has taken me this long to reach this point in my life and I did it on my own when I was ready. Same thing happened when I rode a bicycle the first time, drove a car...I just bloom later in life and I do it on my own terms.

Well I am going to go put on some music and sleep for awhile.

Keep it beautiful,


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Robin, The Girl Wonder said...

My Dearest Robby, from one late bloomer to another I have faith in you. You know I will cheer you on.

However, if you use the term "rom-coms" ever again I'm gonna hunt you down and hurt you. Over & over again. LOL!